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Finding Solutions To Your Property Division Concerns

One of the most difficult issues to resolve in any divorce concerns the division of the couple's marital property. If you and your spouse have accumulated substantial assets while married, own a business together or have retirement accounts, this can prove to be an extremely complicated issue that may lead to serious disputes.

At the Law Office of Scott Niebling, located in Portland, I have represent men and women in divorce matters. I understand the impact that the divorce has upon your future. I will work tirelessly to help you protect your property, and I am focused on developing solutions that are in your best interests.

To set up a confidential meeting, contact me office online or call me at 503-505-6072 (toll free at 888-366-8702).

Portland Divorce Boutique Law Firm

I provide comprehensive counsel to men and women involved in divorce proceedings. From the moment you work with my firm, you will work directly with an experienced lawyer who is committed to helping you find a reasonable agreement to your outstanding issues.

I handle all matters related to the distribution of marital assets and obligations, including:

  • Dividing real and personal property, such as a principal or vacation home, jewelry, boats or vehicles, and electronics
  • Financial accounts, including savings and checking, as well as investments, such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds
  • Retirement funds, including IRAs, 401(k)s, pensions and deferred compensation.
  • Business interests, including any business that you may own with your spouse
  • Determining whether alimony (spousal support) may be necessary in your situation, and if so, the amount and duration of this support

The laws in Washington may be significantly different from those in Oregon. Call me, or contact my office online to talk further about which laws apply to your specific situation.

Protecting The Future Of Your Business

If you are a business owner, you need to be very careful about the decisions you make during your divorce. Whether you own the divorce on your own or together with your spouse, the future of the company may be at risk if you make the wrong choices at this time.

I assist with all of the issues that accompany the division of business assets in a divorce. I will work with financial professionals to get a proper valuation of the entity, and discuss with you the various options that are available. I will help you determine the right approach to take that allows you to achieve your goals.

Understanding Marital Debt Repercussions

With respect to marital debt, even though the court may order your ex-spouse to pay a credit card bill, the credit card company can still seek repayment from you, if the card was jointly held and your spouse fails to pay the obligation. If creditors are seeking payments from you or you face financial difficulties due to repercussion of acquired marital debt, I can help you use personal bankruptcy to get a fresh start.

Contact The Law Office Of Scott Niebling

For an appointment, contact me online or call my office at 503-505-6072 (toll free at 888-366-8702). I offer client meetings weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. as well as evening and weekend consultations. I accept Visa and MasterCard and installment payments.


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